Young Adult Series: Growing Up with MS – Part 2

Young Adult Series: Growing Up with MS – Part 2 –  Episode 14 – Transcript

As a young adult living with MS, you may be facing a unique set of personal and professional challenges. Some of the questions you might find yourself asking are: How will MS impact my career? What effects will MS have on my mood and cognition? Will my relationships with friends and family change throughout the course of my life living with MS? MS may change how you envisioned your life, but it doesn’t define who you are.

This second episode in our young adult podcast series will offer insights from MS expert and Psychologist, Roz Kalb, and our featured young adult, Channing. In this episode, Dr. Kalb and Channing discuss how Channing’s diagnosis at age 16 impacted her romantic life through her early adulthood, what dating looks like for her now, and how MS has shaped what she is looking for in a life partner.