Navigating a New MS Diagnosis

Navigating a New MS Diagnosis

Navigating a New MS Diagnosis – Episode 169 – Transcript

In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Megan Hall who is young, newly diagnosed, a new parent, and a small business owner. Megan and Stephanie talk candidly about what it is like navigating the complexities of a new MS diagnosis.

They discuss the importance of finding the right doctor to determine a treatment plan together. Megan shares that it took some trial and error to learn what MS medication was the best fit for her and her lifestyle considerations.

Megan also opens up about what she felt, experienced, and the questions she’s had as a young parent with a new diagnosis of MS. She shares the conversations she had with healthcare providers that have helped.

You’ll also hear about the health and wellness lifestyle changes that Megan has made as a result of her diagnosis and the goals she has for the future.

Megan wants all those newly diagnosed to know that it’s going to be okay. There are many resources out there for those navigating new diagnosis or navigating parenthood with MS. Look for support, ask for help, and find your community.

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