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Energy and Endurance: How Every Step Beats MS

Energy and Endurance: How Every Step Beats MS – Episode 54 – Transcript

In this episode of the Can Do MS Podcast, host and physical therapist Samantha Balistreri speaks with endurance athlete Gene Caffrey and occupational therapist Stephanie Nolan. Hear from Gene on what inspired him when he was first diagnosed with MS and what motivates him now to keep moving. Stephanie will share how you can take back control with some energy management techniques and Gene will talk about the tools that have helped him combat his fatigue so he can keep doing what he loves.

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Managing Bowel and Bladder Symptoms

Managing Bowel and Bladder Symptoms – Episode 37 – Transcript

Some of the most challenging symptoms in MS can be bowel and bladder-related issues. Join us as we talk to our guests, Randy and Sue, about the bowel and bladder-related challenges Randy has experienced since his MS diagnosis, the management strategies they have found useful and suitable for their lifestyle, and the importance of self-advocacy.

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Supporting a Spouse; Supporting Yourself

Supporting a Spouse; Supporting Yourself – Episode 28 – Transcript

Are you someone who provides support to a loved one living with MS?  As a support partner, you often focus solely on the needs of your loved one with MS, but it’s important to recognize the unique needs support partners have, too. How can you ensure that both you and your loved one living with MS have their needs addressed? What strategies lead to a successful partnership while navigating the challenges of MS?

In this podcast, you’ll hear from two support partners, Matt and Warren, as they share their experiences. They’ll discuss how roles evolve over time and the importance of supporting yourself while supporting your loved one with MS. This discussion will be led by psychologist Roz Kalb.