Managing Mood & Cognitive Changes in Your Loved One

Managing Mood & Cognitive Changes in Your Loved One – Episode 4 – Transcript

Are you someone who provides support to a loved one living with MS?  As a support partner, you often focus solely on the needs of your loved one with MS.  Do you ever feel that your own health and wellness needs are neglected or overlooked?  It takes a special person to care for and support someone with MS, but who is taking care of your needs?

One need that is often overlooked is coping and adapting to mood and cognitive changes that are common in MS.  Up to 65% of people with MS experience changes in their thinking skills and approximately 50% experience mood changes, including anxiety and depression. For support partners, these changing life circumstances can impact their own mood and cognitive well-being.

Join psychologist Meghan Beier and support partner Karen Peterson to discuss strategies to recognize mood and cognitive changes in your partner and yourselves, where to turn for help, and tools to adapt in everyday life.