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Embracing Carers Series | Relationships & Planning for a Future with MS | Episode 6

This is the third episode in our three part Embracing Carers Series!

Are you someone who provides support to a loved one living with MS?  As a support partner, you often focus solely on the needs of your loved one with MS.  It takes a special person to care for and support someone with MS, but who is taking care of your needs?

Join psychologist Meghan Beier and couple Mark and Lynne Forette as they discuss how their relationship was impacted by Mark’s MS diagnosis and how it affected their future planning. They’ll also share some real life stories about how they adjusted for a future with MS and where they turned to for support.

Young Adult Series | Mood & Cognition | Episode 2

This is our second episode for the Can Do MS Podcast! These first three episodes are part of a Young Adult Series.

Are you a young adult living with multiple sclerosis? If so, then join us for our upcoming podcast series. As a young adult living with MS, you may be facing a unique set of personal and professional challenges. Some of the questions you might find yourself asking are: How will MS impact my career? What effects will MS have on my mood and cognition? Will my relationships with friends and family change throughout the course of my life living with MS?

MS may change how you envisioned your life, but it doesn’t define who you are. This young adult podcast series will offer insights from MS expert and Psychologist, Lucille Carriere as well as stories from young adults living with MS. In three episodes, we will tackle three important topics including Career Planning, Mood & Cognition in MS, and Relationships & Family. What better way to hear about these topics than from people within the MS Community!