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Finding Your Voice: Part 1 | Episode 34


Tyler Campbell was following in his father’s legacy and on the verge of a pro football career when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. You might think this diagnosis would take away so much from a young athlete, but instead, it helped Tyler find new purpose. Listen to the latest episode of the Can Do MS podcast to hear how Tyler Campbell found his voice as an MS advocate.

My Motto: Adapt and Overcome | Episode 33


We all know that MS comes with many challenges, but there is a lot that you CAN DO! Join psychologist Lucy Carriere and veteran Jessica Hinton as they delve into what can keep you motivated and moving forward as we begin a new year. Jessica talks about gratitude, mindset, and being willing to try things differently.

Advocating For Yourself Through Life Transitions | Episode 31


This episode features psychologist Meghan Beier and MS advocate Julie Stamm. The two discuss Julie’s diagnosis and the importance of advocating for yourself. We’ll talk about life changes through work, family, and symptoms. And, we’ll also hear about the children’s book that Julie wrote titled “Some Days We…”

Resilience: Finding Your Strengths and Staying Positive | Episode 30


Listen to an in-depth discussion about resilience in all areas of life. Karla Ramirez, person living with MS, and psychologist Linda Trettin discuss topics ranging from relationships and disclosure to self-care. Karla and Linda dive into challenges presented in everyone’s daily lives and how MS can make them look a little different, listen in on various strategies and coping mechanisms that may work for you to help you stay resilient!

Embracing Carers Series | When Your Child Has MS | Episode 29


Are you someone who provides support to a loved one living with MS?  As a support partner, you often focus solely on the needs of your loved one with MS, but it’s important to recognize the unique needs support partners have, too. How can you ensure that both you and your loved one living with MS have their needs addressed? What strategies lead to a successful partnership while navigating the challenges of MS?

Can Do MS Interviews Art Alexakis | Episode 27


Art Alexakis (frontman for the rock band Everclear) joins the Can Do MS podcast to discuss his new music video “The Hot Water Test.” The music video features MS warriors of varying ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds, coming together to sing the emotional lyrics that recount the day Art was personally diagnosed with the disease.

Check out the music video here!

Coronavirus, MS, and You | How One Couple Is Dealing With COVID-19 | Episode 26


Listen as psychologist Roz Kalb, PhD, talks all things quarantine with Anne and Karen, a couple of 31 years.  Anne has been living with MS for 23 years and is a retired high school social studies teacher, while Karen is a high school Athletic Director without much to direct at the moment, thanks to COVID-19.  Dr. Kalb, Anne, and Karen discuss how Anne and Karen have had to adjust their communication, daily activities, and lifestyle while living in close quarters, and the importance of taking care of yourself so that you can take care of each other.

Coronavirus, MS, and You | Sleep Tips | Episode 24


In this unpredictable time, information about the coronavirus is leaving the MS community with more questions than answers. Listen to nurse practitioner Megan Weigel as she discussed approaches to sleep during times of uncertainty.

Coronavirus, MS, and You | Tips for Telemedicine | Episode 23


In this unpredictable time, information about the coronavirus is leaving the MS community with more questions than answers. Listen to nurse practitioner Megan Weigel as she provides some information and suggestions about how you can approach telemedicine.