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2023 Mindful Moments: Week 4

2023 Mindful Moments: Week 4 – Episode 108 – Transcript

I am out of balance when I am excessive in… Tap into the power of this mantra with Megan Weigel, Nurse Practitioner and MS-Certified Nurse, and discover a mindful moment for yourself.

Mindful Moments: Week 2

Mindful Moments: Week 2 – Episode 43 – Transcript

Mantras are powerful tools to focus your mind and enrich your spirit. They allow you to learn and embody truths about yourself. Join Megan Weigel, nurse practitioner and MS certified-nurse for Mindful Moments, a new series brought to you by the Can Do MS Podcast. Every Monday starting in 2022, Megan will introduce you to a mantra to start the week off right, allowing you to free your mind – even just for a moment – from the confining feelings of MS.

Week 2 Mantra: I find calm with my breath.