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Resilience: Finding Your Strengths and Staying Positive | Episode 30


Listen to an in-depth discussion about resilience in all areas of life. Karla Ramirez, person living with MS, and psychologist Linda Trettin discuss topics ranging from relationships and disclosure to self-care. Karla and Linda dive into challenges presented in everyone’s daily lives and how MS can make them look a little different, listen in on various strategies and coping mechanisms that may work for you to help you stay resilient!

Ask the Can Do Team | Self Care and the Coronavirus | Episode 22


Does my MS increase my risks with coronavirus?  How can I stay active if I need to stay indoors?  What precautions should I take when preparing food?  What should I do if I’m spending more time at home with my family and they are driving me crazy?   

Get your answers to these questions and more by watching our virtual panel session, featuring a Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Psychologist, Physical Therapist and Dietitian.

MS Path 2 Care | Mood, Cognition, and Spirituality | Episode 16


Emotional, cognitive, and spiritual well-being are the cornerstones of a full, functional life.  Focusing on problem solving strategies to overcome barriers, we will discuss how to manage common mood and cognitive changes while incorporating spiritually and mindfulness tools.  Learn how taking control of these “invisible” aspects can help you stay motivated and resilient, improve relationships, and enhance all of the areas of your health and wellness.

Young Adult Series | Growing Up with MS – Part 3 | Episode 15


As a young adult living with MS, you may be facing a unique set of personal and professional challenges. Some of the questions you might find yourself asking are: How will MS impact my career? What effects will MS have on my mood and cognition? Will my relationships with friends and family change throughout the course of my life living with MS? MS may change how you envisioned your life, but it doesn’t define who you are.

This third episode in our young adult podcast series will offer insights from MS expert and Psychologist, Roz Kalb, and our featured young adult, Channing. In this episode, Dr. Kalb and Channing explore the meaning of “resilience.” Listen to Channing’s powerful description of the ways in which her journey as a young adult navigating the challenges of living with MS has changed her definition of “resilience.”